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  “Data provide the power to...make good decisions, work intelligently, work effectively and efficiently, change things in better ways, know the impact of our hard work, help us prepare for the future, and know how to make our work benefit all children.”

-Victoria Bernhardt
BI in education is becoming a buzz for the most of the strategic and focused institutes, institute who actually talk about the real data and the analysis based on that, as the data reflects the opportunities of future and the provide the building blocks for present.

BDI Systems and Technologies provides the platform where organizations can realize the power of data, we believe to break the canonical idea that data is just about numbers, we tell the organizations that most productive data is analyzed data and is useful only through data visualization through dashboards in the form of Graphs, Charts, scorecards and other useful components

For schools and other educational institutes, most sophisticated educational dashboards may contain complimentary operational management, administration management and attendance tracking. In the line of education being more advanced day by day, the gap between student management and school administration management is becoming blurred,
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Fundamental features of a student assessment dashboard will include

  1. Real time management of student reference information and test content(questions and answers)

  2. Exam and student growth tracking dashboards, this will manage the average standard sets for the students.

  3. protection of student data

  4. Role-based functionality

  5. Basic trending for analysis and reporting in order to comprehend the areas of bottlenecks of student to resolve student related issues.
  "Scope of education Dashboard is limitless, we cannot only track the real time education KPI’s but can also focus on" :  
  • Financial management

  • Human resources and administration management

  • Compliance
  • Operational Inconsistency: Less mature technical infrastructure leading to slow acceptance and dilemma to opt for Dashboards.

  • Less integrated data that could be utilized to show the past trends.

  • Data lifecycle is to be managed with great attention , as in education accountability of the data is of major importance.
Dashboard data may be coming from any source may be from different schools, different districts, even different states, provinces, and time-zones; it then will have to be merged with current state standards, content, SIS, and other data stores. It is required to have a framework which is self contained, important is to have the business function sets addressing different segments , for example: Budgeting, inventory , assessment, HR and many more.

Reporting is a process which is good for tracking the student ‘s progress, but for managing different aspects and the factors, an open and service oriented dashboard platform is required and would be vital for individual performance.

These are some substantial and common impediments for Dashboard acceptance and implementation:
  • A large number of geographies capturing, creating, and sending data to the dashboard.

  • Each geography may have their own unique set of infrastructure constraints.

  • To assure the unique testing for each geography is difficult.

  • It is impossible to perform a thorough end-to-end QA test—both manual and automated—of all pieces because many components exist outside any domain of control.
In fact, before approving and funding an educational dashboard project, a small discovery project should be commissioned. This will take care of both the aspects— hardware and software—and make sure that the risk and threat due to old technology along with lack of skill set are better understood.

Adding more comprehensive functional components to a dashboard should be undertaken with extreme caution. Get the basics right first, Most school systems and states commence their educational dashboard projects by tackling the student assessment piece first, subsequently fulfilling broader business and technology requirements—in finance, human resources, and state compliance—effectively merging governed student bodies with well governed school systems.
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